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Enter the Gerard Unger Website

Hi, Thanks for visiting.

Gerard Unger died on 23 November 2018. His personal website went down a few months later, which I found out while talking about him in a type design course. It was a personal shock, like a sudden realization that he was really gone. Using webarchive, we have brought his website back to life as a small homage to a professor that not only inspired several generations of type designers, but was also an outstanding human being. Gerry Leonidas describes him beautifully here.

To be precise, this is not exactly his original website. We have removed a subtle but charming animation he created in his logo because it was using Flash technology. We also added another slot in his type design collection because Sanserata, his latest release, was missing from the collection. We thought it would be great to have it there as well. The rest is exactly-ish the way it was. Almost like he was still among us.

A grateful student ♥️